New Social Networking: Google Plus Review

Google+ has emerged as a legit contender in social networking arena. Though, initially, many stamped it as “Facebook wannabe” but, now, those are also appreciating the effort, Google has put forth. Google has certainly learned from Facebook’s mistakes and from the Orkut’s as well, which is the reason they are taking privacy issues quite seriously this time around.

One has to admit that Google+ does offer a better solution to people who are looking for a real social experience, as it does provide more than enough opportunities to share things with your circles rather than merely expanding your so called “friends list”. Furthermore, the seamless integration, with other Google products, makes the whole social experience richer.

Google +: New Social Networking

Social Networking Privacy

Google learned a fair deal about privacy setting from Google Buzz, which used to share every post with every member in Gmail account. That was obviously a recipe for disaster, as your Ex can see who you are dating and even your boss can keep an eye on you with whom you are undergoing employment negotiations.

Google+ employs a much more sophisticated and controlled procedure for adding people to your circles and, then, making a distinction between them too; obviously not everyone in the contact list can be titled “friends”, so why put them in same category.

Google Circles

Google Circles

One might be asking that Facebook also offers groups, which can be closed or open but for me Google+ innate ability of categorizing people into “friends,” “family,” “acquaintances” and “following” is more user friendly.

This categorization may appear harsh for people, who are accustomed to Facebook’s “friends” but you shouldn’t worry as no one can see which circle they have been put into. Besides, it ensures that your boss doesn’t get to see your private trip photos and you will share with the right people. However, you can still share links to all people, belonging to any circle, in fact, you can share items with those few, who have added you but you haven’t added them into any circle.

Loop Holes

Not to appear biased towards Google+, I must admit that there are some looping holes in privacy settings. For instance, people in your circle can re-share your posts, though, you can opt to cancel this through an icon at right of your post.

Also, you get the new, unseen ability of editing your posts, so you can edit their settings even after they have been posted.

New Features

Other revolutionary features are Huddle(group chats) and Hangout(video conferencing).

Google+ Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts
Above all, Hangouts is one of the most creative concepts of Google+. Adding video conferencing as a group chat is a cool approach to improve social networking.

Google+ Huddle

Google+ Huddle
Created basically to grant a group-texting or chat features for your Circles.

The mesmerizing appeal of these two features can be judged from the fact that right after their launch, Facebook added video chat to its rostrum and group chat is also on its way.

Google +1 Button

Google +1 Button
Next, the +1 button is almost entirely similar to Facebook’s like, but it is present throughout the web, mostly. You can find it on YouTube, Google Search and other Google products.

On the whole, Google+ appears to be more complete social networking platform; though, there are some minor glitches in privacy and absence of third party apps like Happy Aquarium, but considering their pace, it is safe to assume that Google will cover these deficiencies rather quickly.

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