Mobile Dynamics NAV: Information Where You Need It Most

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has shattered that preconception and brought all the benefits of a highly-functional ERP system to much smaller organisations.

In the past, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have had a reputation for being the preserve of the largest organisations.

Easy to implement, flexible and with the familiar Microsoft look and feel, it has become the ERP system of choice for more than 90,000 organisations across the globe.

Combining the smallest technical overhead with a huge amount of functionality has been a core reason for the success of Microsoft Dynamics NAV but Mobile Dynamics NAV has taken this philosophy even further and delivered all of that functionality to users wherever they happen to be.

Microsoft Dynamics Nav Demo

Business Intelligence in Your Pocket

Business has never been more competitive and being on the job and in front of clients is absolutely vital to success.

This has led to a far more mobile workforce and the adoption into the corporate network of a whole host of new mobile and tablet devices.

Having such a geographically spread workforce with diverse IT resources can place additional stress on information systems and make it harder for such staff to access the information they need to do their job efficiently.

With Mobile Dynamics NAV, key information is available to staff wherever they are and whatever mobile device they happen to use.

The Perfect Solution for Non-Desk Workers

The MobileNAV app can simply be downloaded to any mobile device your team happens to use and instantly they have access to a mobile-friendly version of the Mobile Dynamics NAV software.

Instantly they can access the key information they require, while they are in the field or working in remote locations anywhere around the business.

The system is ideal for organisational roles such as sales people, field engineers, warehouse operatives and shop floor staff, who do not normally have constant access to a PC in their day to day jobs.

Sophisticated Features and Real Business Benefits

Mobile Dynamics NAV provides your team with access to key business data even when there is no network coverage.

When offline, staff can use the mobile app with no connection to the Dynamics NAV server. When online, team members can directly access their data on the Mobile Dynamics NAV server via WIFI, 3G or network connection.

Mobile Dynamics NAV is a powerful system which addresses some key business issues. It handles device management, software deployment and updating, synchronisation of data and the elimination of paper-based systems and duplicate keying in of data.

Specially Developed for the Mobile Environment

Mobile Dynamics NAV has a simplified and task-oriented user interface that is designed for mobile use and provides employees with the ability to simply and quickly perform their core working tasks.

The system incorporates intelligence about your organisation and delivers the information and functionality appropriate to each role.

This contributes to a simple and user friendly interface that cuts through information overload and allows employees to concentrate on the job in hand. Mobile Dynamics NAV is compatible with tablets, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows CE and even bar code scanners.

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