Maximize Your Business Meeting With Streaming Video

As the speed at which the world does business has increased in recent years, so has the need to pass business information more quickly and effectively

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Maximize Your Business Meeting With Streaming Video

As the speed at which the world does business has increased in recent years, so has the need to pass business information more quickly and effectively. One of the biggest obstacles to company growth is the ineffective communication as news is disseminated out from company headquarters. Recently, however, many of those communication issues have been resolved through the increased use of web video conferencing. Many may think that such a tool is only useful for large corporations; however, it’s quickly being discovered that video conferencing isn’t just reserved for Fortune 500 companies.

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Studies have shown that almost 55% of those businesses that have access to video conferencing tools use them much more frequently than they had originally anticipated. If you’re still on the fence about utilizing video conferencing with a streaming video platform, consider the benefits that this form of business communication has over these other traditional meeting methods:

Conference call

Most business communication is performed by a simple call between individuals or groups. While this is still and quick and easy way to pass information along, there some challenges inherent with a phone call that can be solved by following a streaming video feed.

Face-to-face communication has long proven to be the most effective way to convey information from one party to another. On the phone, there’s the worry that the other parties involved aren’t giving the required amount of attention needed to the information you’re presenting. It can also be difficult to convey the importance of information over the phone. Without the being able to pick up on your non-verbal cues, such as facial expressions and body language, your audience can often misinterpret the message being presented. With video conferencing, the audience has a direct view of you and all of your gestures, expressions, and behaviors.

The same tools you use in conjunction with a conference call (i.e., PowerPoint presentations, desktop sharing) are also available in a video conference, and can often be utilized more effectively. The attendees can see when you’re trying to highlight or emphasize certain fields of information without you constantly having to point out where you are in the presentation. Plus, as an added bonus, video conferencing eliminates the long distance calling charges that your company has to pay for frequent conference calls held between multiple installations.

Business meeting

Often, business information is deemed to be important enough to justify an in-person meeting. Recent studies have shown that over $210 billion is spent annually on business travel. Holding a meeting via a streaming video feed eliminates many of these expenses while still you the same face-to-face benefit without the parties involved having to be in the same room.

Many companies have the desire to expand but worry that communication with satellite offices will deteriorate as employees are moved further away from the central office, and that the costs associated with the increased travel between installations just aren’t worth it. Video conferencing eliminates those concerns and costs.

Using business videos via a live streaming feed is quickly becoming a standard among successful companies. This technology may prove to be just the tool that will help take your business to the next level. 

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