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Marc D. Manoff first practiced his flair as an entrepreneur as a mere grade-schooler, turning his sticker and candy stock into a profitable venture among his classmates.

Marc D. Manoff: Delivering Strategic Business Strategies And Solutions

Marc D. Manoff

From there, Marc D. Manoff knew he possessed an entrepreneurial spirit. Throughout his extensive career in both the law and business management, Marc D. Manoff has created and sold an assortment of businesses running the industry gamut from automobile services to employment verification.

Regardless of the market, Marc D. Manoff has proven that he has the talent and fortitude to produce positive results and organizational success.

Marc D. Manoff Consulting: Putting The Master Entrepreneur To Work For Your Business

Marc Manoff’s latest corporate creation is Marc D. Manoff Consulting.

As owner and Chief Executive Officer of this consultancy, Marc Manoff is perfectly positioned to partner with clients to create customized business solutions drawing on his own background and achievements.

Business Consultant

With over 20 years experience owning and operating a variety of businesses including a success law practice, a real estate brokerage firm, Marc D. Manoff relates to the daily struggles endured by company proprietors.

Whether manning a start-up initiative at the ground level or working to strengthen and improve the corporate identity of an already established entity, Marc Manoff can assist.

Tapping into his extensive network of contacts and skills, Marc helps bring his clients and their businesses to the next level and compete globally for market share.

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