How to Make Custom Photo Book Layout?

Making a custom photo book layout is not as difficult as you imagine. Nowadays, there are numbers of photo book printing company that provide free software for user to design photo book layout and template using their own creativity and styles.

Moreover, these free software also comes out with few basic templates and theme which can be use instantly to create a photo book without hassle. However, I found that the default photo book layout are quite plain and static for professional photographer and I think is it quite efficient to create our own layout using Photoshop.

In this post, I will share to you how to make photo book by using your very own customized layout and template using Photoshop. These layout need to be imported to the Photobook’s software as an image file. If you have any enquiries, please feel free to drop your questions in the comment box.

Here are a few simple step to create your own photo books layout:

Define Photo Book Layout Size, Color Mode and Resolution

Define canvas

Before designing your own layout, it is important to define and set first your canvas size, color mode and image resolution accurately. I always bought Large Landscape Photobook with 15″ x 11″ size; in this case, I’ll just setup my canvas size as 30 x 11 inch, Color Mode RGB and 300 dpi resolution in Photoshop.

Divide Photo Book Canvas and Set Centered Line

Divide your canvas and set a centered line using ruler tool. Paint background color to black. In the end your template will look something like this.

Divide canvas

Design your Photo Book Layout

Add a new layer and name it as ‘Design’ or any names that you prefer. Now you can start creating filling the canvas with your own layout design. In this tutorial, I will design the layout by creating few simple boxes and fill it with white color.

Design Block

Creating Layout Mask

Select all white boxes using Magic Wand Tool (W),

Select all white boxes using Magic Wand Tool (W)

Create a new layer and named it as ‘Mask’. Select ‘Mask’ layer and then go to Layer > Layer Mask > Hide Selection. Your layers should look something like this.

Layer Mask

Next, select ‘Mask’ layer and paint background to white. After that, delete or hide ‘Design’ layer and now your template layout is done.

Layout done

Inserting Photo into Photo Book Layout Template

Now you can freely insert you photo anywhere below ‘Mask’ layer. This layer will treated as a mask to hide other images which are not necessary and not needed to be shown in the design layout. You may also cut or crop the picture to fit into the image box perfectly.

Photobook Layout

Final outcome:

Photobook Layout

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