LTE: The Future of Mobile Wireless Communications Technology

Mobile Wireless Communications Technology has grown rapidly these days and now it is no longer seen as a symbol of luxury but has become a necessity and ubiquitous part of today’s modern life society. Furthermore, as the numbers of hi-tech smartphone and tablet increased, they will be more and more demands for future improvement of mobile technologies and service capabilities.

What is LTE

Long Term Evolution or LTE is the new standard for high speed wireless communication technology which originally initiated in 2004 proposed by NTT DoCoMo of Japan with an ambitious goals in providing a better spectral efficiency, services and cost effective future solution.

LTE: The Future of Mobile Wireless Communications Technology

The Advantages of LTE

LTE offers few distinct advantages over other current wireless technologies including performance improvement and efficiencies in high peak data rates with 100Mbps downlink for both indoors and outdoors, plug and play methodology, low latency with less than 5ms plane latency for small IP packets, scalable bandwith and compatible with 3G network, improved spectrum efficiency and cell edge data rate, IP architecture for performance and efficiency, better global coverage and roaming capabilities, outstanding support from mobile industry key player(both carriers and vendors) and many others.

LTE is the future of Mobile Wireless communication technologies as it provides better, higher, faster and the best solution comparable to existing technologies and we do hope that LTE can become a new standard for wireless data communication technology for the future.

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