LG G2 with 13-MegaPixel Camera and a Chicken-Based Optical Image Stabilization System

Phone camera is one of the most essential and fun features for current mobile users. Despite focusing on the usability of the phone, mobile manufacturers nowadays are seems to emphasize strong values on the needs of user experience as the new perspective to shift their marketing and product’s paradigm to the next level. Apart from computing resources competition, digital imaging is a prevailing trend in digital lifestyle where optical lens, pixels, sensors and image stabilization system is the battering ram for the new mobile wars of the century.

LG G2 is currently the most advanced LG flagship Android mobile device which is packed with serious hardware and software built to support and provide greater quality and performance for its users. Before going into its main attraction which is the camera, let’s view the general LG G2 specification.



Processor 2.26 GHz Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 800 Quad-Core Processor
Memory 2GB RAM
Internal Storage 16GB, 32GB
Battery 3,000 mAh Silicone Oxide Plus (SiO+) battery
Display 5.2” Full HD 1080p IPS (423 ppi)
Operating System Android 4.2.2

Look and Feel

LG G2 Rear Key

L2 G2’s uniqueness can be well described through its actual button layout design where there is no physical button anywhere in front panel of the device. All of the buttons were ergonomically placed at the back of the phone for intuitive left or right handed users. LG said that its minimalist button layout is crafted to achieve both luxury and functionality.

While the button layout design differs from current mobile phone design standard, users will found out that the rear key design features is innovatively useful and quite practical even though they might take few delay in times to adjust for comfort and adaptation.

Camera Features

LG G2 is produced with an impressive 13MP camera with LED flash and a revolutionary Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) system. LG G2 used two-axis Optical Image Stabilization with the ability to consistently move the camera lens freely from and within the mobile phone body to reduce shake effect and automatically adjust your video or photo to be crisp and sharp.

Fail to Plan

To complement stabilization system feature, LG G2 is also equipped with multi-point auto-focus lens and 4x digital zoom to provide a precise focus for multiple moving object. Moreover, LG G2 camera lens is well supported and protected with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass.

Do you ever heard of GoPro? or maybe Steadicam? Well, these terms might sound familiar but how about Galluscam? In case if you never heard of a chicken-based camera image stabilization system, perhaps this video might offers you a hand of help.

This is the new viral video by LG to introduce and promote how LG G2 camera image stabilization system works. It is quite interesting to realize how life and nature could be the centre of resources for critical thinking and problem solving. So, does Lizzy really inspire LG G2 image stabilization system?

Well, LG do spoof their ads from this video and interestingly chicken do have natural methodology to keep their head stable during any body movement. What do you think?

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