Learn & Avoid – 7 Common Search Mistakes When Entering China

A successful journey to the world of Baidu requires SEO practitioners with a clear understanding of how Chinese market work. Many search engine campaigners have completely failed while others still miss on this giant market.

Learn the 7 common mistakes that can make or break your success on Baidu and know how to avoid them.

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1. Targeting Search Engines as Opposed to People

This is the most common mistake experienced by search engine marketers. On site content should be written primarily for people and not for search engines.

Avoid irrelevant phrases without a clear theme or value. Baidu is different on Google and values Chinese simplified language and local dialects targeting Chinese.

2. Buying and Using Spammed Links

Baidu algorithms value backlinks but not as smart as Google. As per usual, don’t participate in link firms promising thousands of links for few dollars.

Instead, create your business presence where Chinese meet and make significant contribution. Getting authoritative links from reputable local sites is better. This will send enough visitors naturally and signal Baidu and other search engines that you have quality content.

3. Non-Chinese Keyword Stuffing

Unlike English audience, Chinese market is different and direct name translations will not work. Stuffing your content with bad keywords is not a good idea.

Instead, go for human translators to change the keywords to match the local slant and demand. This targets local languages unquestionably and values cultural sensitivity.

4. Using a Local Chinese SEO Company

It’s true and practical to find some unscrupulous Chinese SEO companies that are after your hard earned cash. Don’t get discouraged and underestimate their power.

Instead, incorporate one onboard. Be part and parcel of the process so that you can learn the local market trends as well as the strategic approaches used to tap the natives.

5. Accessibility

Like Google and the rest of search engines, Baidu won’t be an exception in recognising pages that are optimised to load faster and with clear hierarchy of links. This is evident in their provision for Baidu Site Speed Test. By giving this feature, it means they value pages loading with optimal time.

Also, don’t make a mistake and fail to use alt tag. Search engine needs a description of images because they account to search result as well.

6. Geo Targeting

While majority make a mistake of failing to put indicators to show their China’s target, desist on this practice and include the geo-signals. Use of Chinese-specific domain names, Subfolders or sub domains works wonders. Make efforts on the code of your website to alert search robots about the targeted language.

7. Fresh Content

Monitoring local cultures should not be a second thought when targeting Baidu for search. Make the most of Chinese social media and paid campaigns.

Also, being relevant and accessible over a wide range of devices like Smart Phone apps proves that you understand the Chinese likes. This attracts more people and relevance is highly valued by Baidu.

What Now?

A better understanding of any market segmentation does not only guarantee periodic traffic to your site but is ideal for best practice. By understanding the norms, likes and tasters of the Chinese natives while avoiding the Baidu SEO mistakes, you will be one step closer to success.

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