Landscape Photography Tips

Capturing nature and structures in their natural state is what makes landscape photography the ideal career. A landscape photographer has plenty of opportunities to grow, both in business and a creative sense. You also don’t need to worry about general photography issues like background, pose or color combinations.

Nature has done everything for you. All you need is to do is pick the right spot or angle and take a photograph that will inspire your audience. Here are tips to help you move further in your career.

Landscape Photography

More Depth Of Field

Since landscape photography deals with a large amount of space – mostly infinite, it is important that you maximize your depth of field and ensure that more of your scene is in focus.

How do you achieve this? Use a smaller aperture setting and increase your shutter speed to compensate for less light.


The most important thing in landscape photography is the amount of light available during the shoot. This is why you need to select the right time of the day to take your landscape photo. Most photographers love to work either at dawn or within the period when the sun is about to set. However, there are plenty of other times you can take your photo for a pleasing result.

Landscape Photography

Get A Tripod

Having a steady camera to get the right shot is as important as having great photography skills. In no circumstances should you ever forget to carry along your tripod whenever you want to go taking pictures. Always have a steady camera before taking any shots.

If you find yourself in a place where you can’t stand a tripod, place the camera on anything that will provide support and stability e.g. a car roof.

Know The Location

Before taking any photographs it’s important that you have a good idea of your location. Check the art gallery, use search engines to view pictures of the location including the climatic condition and the terrain. A good knowledge of your location will help you make the right decision and make plans about where and how to go about taking your photograph.

Landscape Photography

If you live in the city and you don’t want to travel to the country or mountainous areas there are many locations in parks, windmills, water mills, bridges and lighthouses to help you take a perfect picture.

Be Safety Conscious

If you’re traveling to a far away location in your city or county for landscape photography it’s always useful to tell someone about your intention, including when you’ll be back in case of an emergency. You should carry with you some food, back bag for equipment and water. Wear suitable clothing that can deal with the climate in your location and make use of weather reports to better understand your location.

Find Your Focal Point

No photograph can create any effect without a focal point. If you don’t want your viewers to wander around looking for where to rest their focus when viewing your picture, then you must get a focal point.

Landscape Photography

This can be anything from a rock formation to animals and from a structure or building to a tree. The focal point will also help tell the story of your picture.

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