Is The Price Of Toner Getting You Down? Spread Some Happiness With Cheap Toner Cartridges

While HP toners have offered superior products for many years, and their products have been made with the environment in mind, their high toner and ink prices especially for color printers have sometimes made it impractical to print in color at home.

Many a time, however, one can get a better quality printing in color or black and white at home, rather than printing at different department stores, or other office supply stores that offer printing services. Moreover, it is much more convenient to be able to meet your printing needs at home.

There are a few solutions that will allow you to enjoy a higher quality with a more affordable price.

Refilled Toners and Cartridges

Refilled toners and cartridges will cost you a fraction of the money you would have to pay for an original HP toner or cartridge, and will let you recycle your own empty container within minutes. You can simply take your empty toner or cartridge to any office supply store or department store that offers refilling services, and get your toner refilled. You can also buy refilled toners or cartridges, but most suppliers of refilled toners, call them re-manufactured toner.

Re-manufactured HP toner

A re-manufactured HP toner, will have the same quality of an original HP toner as it will be refilled with the same quality of ink. You can purchase re-manufactured HP toners online, and save up to two thirds of the original new toner prices.

The price is only lowered because the manufacturer does not have pay for the manufacturing costs of the toner container. A third option, is for you to buy your toner from another company that offers compatible toners.

Compatible Toners

If you search online, you’ll find many businesses offer compatible toners online. Theses toners will have a list of compatible printers on their product page that will show you which brands and printers they will match.

In many cases, you’ll be able to get a good deal on these toners as they are generally much cheaper than the name brand toners. Just make sure you choose your toner from a company that has good reviews and reputation, and a good customer service so that you can communicate with the manufacturers after purchase in case of any problems.


By purchasing recycled, re-manufactured and refilled toners, you don’t only save money, but you help save the environment by your responsible decision and action. I suggest shopping for re-manufactured and compatible printer cartridges online today.

You can save tons on your printing cost but still get the same high quality that you’ve come to expect from OEM toner cartridges.

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