Install a Home Bar with Decorative Fine Art Touches

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Designing your home around the things you love is always an excellent idea.  To that end, wine lovers may want to celebrate their enthusiasm for wine by installing a home bar with a wine cellar decorated with elements of fine art. 

You might even transform an area of your home into a café-style eatery that incorporates a bar area.  If you entertain frequently, you’ll love the convenience a home bar affords and guests to your home will enjoy this great feature too!

Essential Furnishings

Essential Furnishings
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You can design your home bar to be as ornate and elaborate as any you’ll find in a European café or you might install a simple counter that fits into a nook of your home.  Other furnishings might include a wine storage center as well as seating features. 

Although you can purchase such items ready-made, why not contact an artist for custom designed pieces that feature grapevine art, for example, or that complement your overall decorative plan?  

Artistic Elements

Artistic Elements
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Once you install your major furnishings, you can complement the space with décor that celebrates the grape or a theme that relates to wine, viticulture, and even the vineyards themselves.  If you already have a bar in your home, consider transforming it by inviting an artist to transform it with grapevine art. 

You can also install lighting features that feature the grape motif.  Finally, hang vintage posters of old wine labels for a bold look that sets your bar area apart.

Wine Art Décor

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When it comes to your bar area’s finishing touches, you can find unique art accents that complement your décor.  For instance, consider hanging a lighted wall sculpture on the wall behind your bar.  This piece of art can feature that timeless grapevine motif (Source: grapevine art by Anne Thull Fine Art Designs).  You can feature a series of paintings or a mural that shows a vineyard or café scene.

A bar area is a great element to add to your home.  Around the holidays or any time you invite company to your home, you’ll find that a home bar decorated with singular art works will serve an important function just as it complements your home’s decorative plan.

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