Inmarsat Satellite Telephone User Guide and Tips

Inmarsat satellite telephone such as the IsatPhone Pro is a solid and high quality mobile satellite phone which were designed and developed to cater tough condition and rugged environment. The satellite telephone was released by British satellite telecommunications company, Inmarsat which is one of the most global and reliable satellite communication network provider in the world.

Why Inmarsat Satellite Telephone?

Despite of the fast emergence and vast acceptance of mobile cell phone in current global market, satellite telephone is still remain to be a crucial requirement and useful entity for users or community who are stressed and limited by the geographic coverage region of the world.

Satellite telephone has the excellent credibility and proven ability to be reliable in any part of the world except inside of building or near large object structures that may block satellite connection horizon with the phone.

Inmarsat Satellite Telephone
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Inmarsat Satellite Telephone User Guide & Tips

Inmarsat satellite telephone is known for strong, robust and rugged features which compliance with military specification. Equipped with great voice quality, ease to use function and long battery life, satellite telephone is a great option for extreme travelers and outdoor lovers who really enjoy and appreciate the nature with concerns and awareness of safety and security.

If you are really looking into a satellite telephone, here are few user guide and tips on satellite phone that might be useful.

Satellite Connection
Satellite telephone needs to be properly and securely connected to the satellite to assure maximum signal availability and best voice quality. To have a clear reception, find an outdoor spot where you can have a clear view of the sky and then point your antenna directly upwards.

Avoid from making or receiving a call inside a building, next to a trees, large object structure or anything that can block your direction of the horizon. You will need at least three bars of signal strength to make and receive calls.

The antenna is an important parts in satellite telephone. It plays an imperative function in enabling and ensuring good satellite connectivity to provide stable and outstanding voice quality.

Thus, the antennas can be considered as one of the most vital parts in a satellite telephone and users need to be extra careful in handling and maintenance to ensure that the antenna is always in a mint and running condition. It is best to thoroughly check the antenna before packing your satellite phone to the destination.

Dialing & Receiving
To make a call, you must enter a complete and valid phone number of contact which includes +, country code, area code and last but not least, the telephone number. Example: +44 1621 123456. Then, press the green key to confirm and proceed with your calls.

To answer a call, just press the green key again. Please ensure that your satellite connectivity is in a good and appropriate signal strength.

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