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Search engine ranking do largely depends on link building. Without proper link building, a site can never leverage traffic and grow its online business. With the importance of linking building, a lot of businesses and individuals keep an eye out for the reliable companies that offer link building services. DiamondLinks has been around in the market for quite a while and has over 38 years of experience in providing high quality links to individuals as well as businesses.

DiamondLinks Link Building

DiamondLinks takes pride in having more than 330,000 IP addresses and over 590,000 domains. The company owns professional team of link builders who have extensive experience and expertise in building links and attracting traffic. Some of the reasons that compel customers to choose DiamondLink over other link building service providers are given below. Take a look.

Link Building Experience

Experience counts a lot when it comes to building the right kind of links for improving the rankings of a website and helping an online business grow rapidly. DiamondLinks is proud to flaunt its experience and proclaims to know what it takes to improve web ranking within a month. Clients can get visible results within a month.

Manual Jobs

Unlike other companies, the link building services offered by the company are not automated ones but are built manually. The professionals write content, register for accounts, find particular pages for effective links etc. This consequently ensures an improvement in the search engine ranking of a website. Aside from this, the company also provides rank tracking and progress reports to the clients to ensure the clients stay informed about the steps being taken for increasing the web ranking.

Customized Solutions

The best part about DiamondLinks is that it offers customized solutions to every client, be it a big corporation or an individual. The reason behind this is the variable needs of every website, which a pre-built package cannot meet. However, the services, despite being customized, are available at pretty nominal rates which attract a large number of clients.


Reliability is something analogous with this company. They do not post spam comments, produce duplicate content, use multiple links from one domain or any other unethical shortcut for improving web page’s ranking.

DiamondLinks offers a range of links to its clients to increase the search engine ranking of a website while ensuring link diversity. Some of them are video creation/submission, press releases, social media marketing, high PR quality links, blog posts, forum posts, pligg comments etc.

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