Importance of Imagery in Web Design

There is nothing quite as dull as browsing through a wordy website trying to find something that you can connect to. Yes, it is one of those website commandments that ‘content is king’ but, if you want to make a connection on a more personal level with your website viewers, and thus encourage them to click on that very important ‘add to cart’ button or the promo code, then you will have to persuade them with imagery rather than text.


Luckily, there are millions of options to choose from when it comes to online infographics. There are those that are free and can be downloaded at a number of websites ( for example), there are still those that you will have to pay for ( and They have greater quality and a much more unique tone to them. There are also images that are professionally done to meet the exact requirements of your website. They may cost a lot more, but they are usually well worth the money.

Aesthetic Improvement

The most basic and fundamental use of any imagery on a website is the aesthetic improvement it brings to the website. Words can be monotonous, but when infused with lively and vivid images, the website comes alive and is in fact more attractive. As a blogger, you want an attractive website. This means that viewers may enjoy your site so much that they come a second time and a third time. They could post a link to your website on their Facebook or Twitter pages and this should make you smile because it means more traffic to your website. More traffic translates to a fatter paycheck at the end of the month.

Importance of Imagery in Web Design

In the same aesthetic vein, images can bring a splash of refreshing color to your website in a very simple and effective way. A photo that has been chosen after a carefully thought out process can blend in beautifully to the existing color scheme, complimenting it as well as providing more depth and a 3D feel. One has to be careful however, that the color pallet used does not burden the website. Texts with a color different from the background, which is also different from the navigation options, will have visitors leaving the page as soon as it is loaded. The beauty about imagery is that it can achieve an attractive color effect without the risk of a rainbow clash.


Images can also be used to bring personality to the website. What readers want to see on a page is something that they can connect to. For instance, in the ‘About us’ page of a company website, a company may decide to include the photos of some of its employees. The reader will be able to connect with this more readily than a 10-paragraph history of when and why the company was founded.

Creating the right impression

Infographics on a website can also help create a brand for the company and even the website as well. Images cut a deeper impression on our brains than does text, therefore when it comes to conveying the vision of the company, images can send a message that the readers can remember for a much longer time than simple text. Although text plays a huge role in branding, images will get the message across faster and much more powerfully.

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