How to Use Outsourcing Properly: 5 Easy Tips

Outsourcing saves a lot of money for both small and developed businesses, however it is only beneficial when used properly. When you need urgent expert services for a short period of time, or 24/7 customer service, people tend to make the mistake of only looking for affordable solutions. Have in mind other advantages, and take some time in picking the right team.

Outsourcing Tip

It is not all about knowing what is the best task to outsource, but the first step in outsourcing properly is definitely knowing who you are working with. Pick the team that suits you, research them, and set some realistic goals in order to have some quality work done on time.

Research the Team You are Hiring

Regardless of whether someone recommended the freelancers to you or you found them online, you should always check them out on LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook. Many of them have portfolios on business networks, as well as Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Here you can also see the reviews of their work, and recommendations.

When researching the team, and interviewing them, you need to ask who is actually doing the job. Many teams/ companies you outsource may be as well outsourcing your tasks. Therefore, agree only to have the job done by people you hired, and are sure to know how to complete the needed tasks.

Define the Project Clearly

Define the scope

Before you sign the contract, don’t assume the team knows your expectations, but define the project clearly. Set some realistic goals, and see if they can achieve them. Talk about the deadlines and the quality you expect. When interviewing them, you’ll find out if they have too many clients, and a small workforce, which can affect the quality of services, and make it difficult to meet the deadlines.

As missing project deadlines cost you, make sure they can deliver everything on time. Set some realistic goals, present the schedule and see if that suits them. Only when you agreed on these details, you can agree on price. Don’t expect to save a lot of money, if you urgently need a professional team.

Don’t Outsource Important Projects

Outsourcing the core of your business can put the whole company in danger, especially if you run a small business. Many tasks can only pile up on your employees’ desks and put a lot of pressure on them, which will lead to them not putting enough effort in the core business processes. In addition, it may be expensive to hire and create the brand new team for certain job, especially if you don’t know how long you’ll need them.

Moreover, outsourcing is extremely beneficial for small businesses, as they need to save some money, and focus on developing the business. Therefore, what you will most likely outsource are HR services, call centers and marketing services.

Use the Advantages of Outsourcing

Use the Advantages of Outsourcing

When outsourcing your main focus will be the success, efficiency and knowledge of the team, however, there are a few things you should also think about. Hiring a team in another country of different time zone will definitely help you in your long-term plan to expand your business.

Also, being from a different time zone, your employees will perform their jobs even while you are at home, which gives your clients access to your services after working hours.

Keep Everything Transparent

As you outsourced some work, it means you have more time to focus on important tasks, and don’t worry about others. Trust is the main factor in this process. Therefore, aim for transparency and ask to be included in their weekly reviews. You don’t have to check on them constantly, but just get an email that you can read when you have the time.

Also, arrange meetings monthly to update the team with new info, and avoid some possible setbacks. You will certain get a report monthly or weekly, but it is always better to also have a video chat where you can talk about the key elements of the project.

Don’t outsource the core of your business, and make sure you use all of the advantages of the team’s location. However, in order to use outsourcing properly you need to research the team and interview people as if you were hiring full-time employees. Trust the team and focus on the main tasks. The money you save, you can invest in other projects, but don’t forget to invest in the team you are outsourcing to, if you need them for a longer period of time.

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