How to use Extech Digital Light Meter?

Extech Digital Light Meter is one of the most consistant and reliable general purpose light meter available in the market. The light meter was highly recomended by many for its simple and user friendly interface, stable and repeatable meter readings, quice in measurement and high accuracy.

In this post, we will cover on how to use your Extech Digital Light Meter.

The Device Interface

To effectively use a device, you have to know and understand what are the component in the device interface. You may refer to the device component in the diagram below.

Extech Digital Light Meter Component
1. LCD Display
2. Data Hold Switch
3. Power Off Switch
4. Analog Output Terminal
5. Battery
6. LUX/Fc Switch & Response Switch
7. Light Sensor
8. Zero adjust

How to use?

Basically, Extech Digital Light Meter is extremely easy to use. However, you can always refer the instruction below for better practice and understanding.

Step 1
Power on your Extech Digital Light Meter and remove the rubber cap on the sensor.

Step 2
Extech Digital Light Meter Lux/Fc switch
Choose you unit by selecting Lux or Ft-candle at Lux/Fc switch and adjust the response time accordingly.

Step 3
Extech Digital Light Meter sensor
Place your Extech Digital Light Meter sensor to the light source to begin the measurement.

Step 4
Extech Digital Light Meter LCD Display & Hold Switch
Check your light meter reading on the LCD display. You may slide the “Data Hold” switch to freeze your reading measurement.

Use a display multiplier of 20,000 and 50,000 for Lux and 5000 range for Fc. You may refer display multiplier range in the table below.

Range Units Multiplier
200 Fc Direct reading
2000 Fc & Lux Direct reading
5000 Fc Reading x10
20,000 Lux Reading x10
50,000 Lux Reading x100

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