How to Sync Music and Media on Your Android Phone & Computer?

If you feel that rummaging around in your phone’s SD memory isn’t for you, you’ll be pleased to hear that iTunes-like syncing of media files can be yours, thanks to the DoubleTwist app. Once installed on both your phone and computer, it takes the form of a standard media player which will start up as soon as you hook up your phone via USB.

From here you can sync playlists, videos, photos and podcasts, preview and buy MP3s from the Amazon MP3 store, subscribe to podcasts and browse (but not install) apps from the Android Market. DoubleTwist will update its media library from your iTunes or WMP playlists and offers a rudimentary media player of its own, although you may prefer to retain your existing setup for actually playing music on your computer.

How to Sync Music and Media on Your Android Phone & Computer?

Tip: You can also use Windows Media Player (from version 11 onwards) to sync files with your Android’ phone. Simply connect your phone in Disk drive mode and, on your PC, click the Sync tab. You can drag music or videos into the tab area to queue them up and then press the Start sync button to copy them to your phone.

Syncing remotely over Wi-Fl

The easiest way to get files to and from your phone without physically connecting it to your computer is to set yourself up with a Dropbox account. Download and install the desktop program from on your computer and enter your email address and a password. You can install Dropbox on as many devices as you like or, if you prefer, just use the web interface. Once up and running Dropbox places a folder shortcut on your computer’s desktop (on your phone you’ll have to manually place the app on the home screen).

Now, any files you place in the folder will upload to the web servers and will appear in the Dropbox folders of any other devices that have it installed. As well as being a neat way to mirror stuff from one device to another, it’s also a painless way of keeping an online backup of your important files.


A basic account is free and includes 2GB of storage, with more available if you upgrade to one of the paid Pro versions. An alternative to Dropbox is Awesome Drop, a free service that requires no login. Install the app from the Market and then point your computer’s web browser to Here you’ll see a big red rectangle with a four-digit number in it. Start the app on your phone and enter that number when prompted. Your browser will now display a green rectangle that you can drag files onto. These files will appear in a folder called “drop” on your phone, or you can get to the files from the Awesome Drop app window.

Awesome Drop presents a novel way to get files onto your phone via your computer’s web browser.

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