How to Start a Successful Affiliate Marketing Business

In the long term most affiliate marketers will end up with many websites promoting many different products. However, quite a few new affiliate marketers don’t have the money or the technical expertise to build websites but want to get started as quickly as possible. Here are a few tips to help you get started without your own website.

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Use one of the many free websites available

There are many free places to start a simple blog. One of the easiest is Google’s Blogger service. Although they are becoming much less friendly to affiliate marketers, you can also set up pages on sites such as Squidoo, Hub Pages, Weebly, and you can even create a blog on Craigslist. The key to being successful over the long term using these free pages is to fill them with informative content. The more you help people the more they will trust you and the more likely they are to accept your product recommendation.

Use a Facebook Page

In fact, use many different Facebook pages. You are only limited by your imagination. Although Facebook is also free, I wanted to include a separate recommendation for Facebook because it is so different and offers so many more possibilities. Facebook is a social network so you must be careful not to offend people with your marketing messages, but you can find people who have already shown an interest in almost every subject and niche imaginable on Facebook. If you are active on Facebook you will find many opportunities to recommend products and get paid.

Use article marketing

Article marketing is a broad term and there are many different methods for applying it to affiliate marketing. Many of the most prominent article directories don’t allow you to link directly to an affiliate promotion; however there are still quite a few that will still allow it. At one time, the key to article marketing was to simply write as many articles as possible and spread them everywhere you can. A better method now is to concentrate on writing the best possible articles you can. You still want to publish as often as possible, however don’t sacrifice the quality of your information in order to accomplish getting more articles published.

Use video marketing

Although creating a video is a little bit more complicated than writing articles, you can still create a video without spending a lot of money. Use Microsoft PowerPoint or Open Office to create a slide show presentation. You can even use the articles you have already written. Then you can use Jing or a free trial of Camtasia to record the slideshow presentation. All you need to do is read your article. This may take a little practice, but soon you will easily be able to record 10 or more every day. Release them on YouTube with your affiliate link in the video information box. You can also distribute your videos using Tube Mogul or Traffic Geyser for free.

Manage Workflow

In order to be successful in affiliate marketing business, you must be a very well managed type of person. In affiliate marketing, you are representing various kind of product and services. Thus, a good process and workflow management is very important for the business.

Comindware is one of the most recommended brand for business process and workflow automation and its product Comindware tracker is worth to try. Making money as an affiliate without your own dedicated website and system will certainly require more work and more imagination, but almost anyone can do it.

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