How to Start a Home Business on a Shoestring Budget

Here are five home businesses you can start with very little money.

The enormous growth of the internet has created a unique and amazing opportunity for the entrepreneur who wants to build a business from home. Whether you want to make extra money in your spare time, or you want to replace your current job, the time has never been better.

If you have a little knowledge and talent, a basic computer set up, a high speed internet connection and a telephone you have all the equipment you need to get started in a variety of work at home businesses. Here are five home businesses you can start with very little money.

1. Blogging

If you pick the right niche market, a simple blog can generate enough advertising, affiliate sales or product sales revenue to replace your current income. Google’s Adsense program pays out millions of dollars to web publishers every month.


2. Selling Information Products

If you have specialized knowledge in a particular field, you can make a good living by writing special reports and eBooks and selling that information on the internet. Start by spending some time researching your market and determining which problems they need solutions for.

To get started, write up a short report and put up a website offering your report for a reasonable price. Then start participating in forums and mailing lists which concentrate on your subject area, with a link to the sales page of your special report in your email and forum signatures.

Once you’ve started making sales, look for another problem and write up another solution. Your business will build over time.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing basically consists of promoting the products and services of other people in return for a commission. This business combines well with selling your own information products. There are countless methods of promoting products and services.

These methods range from using pay per click advertising such as Google Adwords through publishing your own information websites where you recommend the products and services. There are many making six figure incomes doing this.

4. Freelancing

If you have a talent for web design, programming, writing, drawing, working with graphics or any of a large number of services that website owners need regularly, then you can make a living doing this work for others.

The benefit of this type of arrangement is that you can get paid right away for the work you do and generate quick cash when you need it. There are numerous websites that broker jobs between freelancers and those who need work done.

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5. Selling Crafts Online


If you have a talent for making candles, quilting, drawing or painting or any number of other similar skills then you can make a living selling those items on a variety of high traffic websites (such as eBay, for example). Many people today make a lot of extra money selling crafts online.

In a tough economy, many people need to be able to make extra money without having to spend a lot of extra time or money. These internet based home businesses have helped many people achieve that goal.

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