How to Solve “Word cannot start the spelling checker” Error Prompt

Today I encountered an annoying error prompt from Microsoft Word on my Mac. The error keeps on prompting even after I do several force quit and fresh restart. The error says:

“Word cannot start the spelling checker. The spelling checker files may be missing. Make sure the spelling checker files are installed or use the Microsoft Office Installer to install the spelling checker.”

The most frustrating thing about the error is it kept on prompting and I can’t do anything else other than to force quit Microsoft Word.

However, this tips solve the issue and I hope that it do helps you as well.

1. Go to Word > Preferences. If the error kept on prompting, the menu link for Preferences is grayed and you can click to the link. Click OK and then quickly enter Mac shortcut ⌘,

2. Then go to Spelling and Grammar

3. In Spelling, untick “Check spelling as you type” and “Always suggest corrections”.

4. After that, click OK and you are good to go!