How to Share Your World With Friends Using Path?

More creative than other social networks, Path is an interactive journal for you to share your thoughts with those around you. The social networking universe is an ever-evolving place, with new apps and communities springing up on a regular basis. One of the most notable recent arrivals is Path, which takes an altogether more grown up approach to your interactions, marketing itself as a smart journal where you car share your musings about the world, as well as great images and music.

Path Tutorial

The smoothness of the app, along with its functionality should ensure that Path takes off. Images are easy to upload, and there are some built-in image filters so you can dabble in Instagram-style editing without ever leaving the app. When you cost a music link, all your friends will be able to hear a preview of the track with a single tap. With another, they can buy it from iTunes. The home page quickly becomes a news feed as your number of fiends grows, and there’s even a feature to log your sleep, instantly giving you the local time and a weather report.

Path doesn’t feel cluttered and too full of information, and the cover and thumbnail images at the tap of your Path give you the chance to set the tone for visitors. So here’s a look at how to get started, and get the most out of using Path…

Lay your Path

Path Tutorial - Insert Cover Photo

When starting up, you need to create a cover that shows who you are. There’s a thumbnail image to select, as well as a cover photo. You can either take a photo or choose one from your library.

Find your Friends

Path Tutorial - Find Friends

This is a social network, so you’ll need friends. Tap an option, including one to sync with Facebook to invite contacts. Alternatively, use the search bar to seek out users.

Start Posting

One of best features of Path is the posting icon Tap the’+’ sign to see six: posting options pop up These range from uploading an image to going to sleep, but everything can be done in two taps.

Song Choice

Path Tutorial - Post Music

If you’re listening to a great song and want to spread the word, tap the music note and enter the song’s name. Post it to Path, and your friends will be able to listen and buy it in one tap.


Path Tutorial - Go to Sleep

This aspect really highlights the newsfeed nature of Path. The sleep function can record your rest n the app. and when you tap ‘I’m Awake’, you’ll be instantly given the time and local weather.

Your Path

As friends join, their Paths become intertwined with yours, and you can scroll through smoothly at any point with an animated clock to guide you Tap your cover and you can change the image.

Path app is available FREE for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire.

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