How to Set Your Plan and Budget with Internet Marketing Quote?

Most companies are NOT willing to spend a penny on SEO or SEM even thou they can clearly see the benefit and true potential of Internet marketing in their business.

Yes, I do admit that internet marketing is quite expensive but it was way cheaper than traditional advertising such as billboard, TV ads and etc. You should wisely spend money to make money.

In this post, we will discuss on how to effectively set your marketing plan and budget with Internet marketing quote.

How to Set Your Plan and Budget with Internet Marketing Quote?

Marketing Plan

How to set your marketing plan? Simple. Get at least ten quotations from your local Internet marketing firm and briefly explain what your target to achieve and turnaround time.

Most company will provide free quotation service and you must utilize this opportunity by asking few questions that might be useful for your marketing strategies.


I am selling Children Books in Canada. What is the most profitable keyword that relate to my niche?

By the end of the day, you will get ten similar or different answers and this information can give you clear ideas on what are the things that should be on your main target plan.

Marketing Budget

From these ten quotations, filtered out 3 most outstanding company based on these basic criteria:

  • Company reputation
  • Type of services
  • Past Client


Lastly, compare the price and make your decision. You must choose a company that you trust and believe that they can deliver your needs and budget.

Internet marketing involves lot of continuous effort and complex procedure that must be followed in order to achieve our target of success and this could not be done overnight.

It is essential for us to choose and hire the right professional firm to handle all your internet marketing needs for your business. Hope this helps!

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