How to Relax at Home

Modern life is stressful. There is no doubt about that. It’d be nice to think that home is the one place we can look forward to spending some time, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, sometimes our own homes can stress us out more than work or being in public. It’s important that we change this and reclaim our houses as somewhere we can truly relax, but how should we go about doing this?

Firstly, you need to be honest with yourself. Have those artfully placed ornaments become lost in a sea of clutter? De-cluttering can have a powerful de-stressing effect on us, as it’s a process of both physical and mental cleansing. Too much visual stimulation from a cluttered room will get our brains fired up, meaning it’s harder to relax at the end of a hard day. Spend just five minutes a day focusing on tidying one part of the room, and before long it’ll feel much more bearable.

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The bathroom is also a very important part of the relaxation process. For many of us, a long hot soak is just what we need to unwind. For this, you need a great bath. Many of us neglect our bathrooms, so upgrading to a modern bathroom complete with luxury items such as a revitalising power shower and a large tub bath can really change the way we feel about spending time in there. You could really splash out and invest in a jet bath for your own mini spa in your home.

Many of us like to curl up in the living room with a good book, so you should take a nest-style approach to accessorising this space. Lots of cushions, throws and blankets are a great way to make the room feel cosier, and using lamps rather than an overhead light create a much calmer atmosphere. If it helps you relax, get a foot stool so you can kick back and chill out while you watch your favourite film.

Treat your outdoor space like a zen garden. No matter how big or small, fill it with fragrant flowers in a form of aromatherapy. Lavender in particular is known to have a relaxing effect, and you can always clip some of this off, dry it and place it in a muslin cloth and keep it in your bedroom. The fragrance will permeate the air when you go to bed to help you get to sleep earlier, and you’ll be able to sleep for longer and more deeply.

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