How to Promote Affiliate Products Through Twitter?

Twitter is social networking site through which you can post mini updates of yours. In the past year Twitter has grown up a lot and it is expected to become the largest social networking site in the next couple of years. In ecommerce, affiliates do prefer twitter very much due to its large followers and they can promote their products through twitter quite quickly as well as successfully.

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In this post, we will share 6 basic yet useful ways on how you can manipulate and optimize social media marketing by promoting your affiliate products through Twitter.

1. Don’t have a twitter account yet?

There is nothing to worry about. Just go to and create one account. It is really very easy. Just increase your followers. Follow as many people as possible so that they are encouraged to follow you. Twitter allows small posts. So just keep on posting updates about your product frequently.

2. Create complete Twitter profile

Make a complete profile of yours, include your site address. Outline your business and products and share as much information as possible so that you can get relevant followers in your profile. Do not worry if you do not get enough followers in the early days. If you keep on posting updates you can enjoy decent number of followers with in a short time.

3. Follow as many people as possible.

Most of the times they will follow you back. You can start with by following some random profiles. When someone follows you, you just follow his/her tweets in quest of making a large network over twitter.

4. Join communities and contribute your opinion.

This can help you to earn expertise about something whether it is product or service. This is very important in case of your affiliate product or service promotion.

5. Do not promote products directly

Do not always use tweets about your affiliate products. Post funny, interesting stories, breaking news, something which makes others interested in following you. You can also use twitter tools, like Mr. Tweet which makes you know about those people who share ideas and products similar to you.

6. Use paid services

You can use another service by paying someone. This can cost you some bucks but people with thousands of followers can follow your tweets though out the day to help you promoting your products.

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