How to Make Your Business Event Stand Out From the Crowd

A business event is a great way to find new clients, make new connections or reward your staff for the work they do. The trouble is, how do you make your event stand out from all the others? Have a look at these five great ideas to get your brainstorm up and running!

Introduce a theme

A themed evening has all sorts of benefits. For a start, it’s easier to design the entertainment, the menu and the room dressing if everything is tied together with a defining theme. Plus, if you pick the right theme you’ll enthuse your attendees before the event even happens. Get the guys thinking like James Bond and the ladies feeling like temptresses, and everything else will go swimmingly!

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Keep the serious stuff short

In almost all cases, serious speeches and long winded award ceremonies will bore the pants off your guests. Yes, they’re there to network and yes. They do care about the products, the services and the industry. But at the end of the day they’re there for a party. If they wanted to do everything soberly, they’d be doing it in a board room or at a conference centre. Deal with admin in a short and sweet fashion, and get onto the good stuff to keep everyone happy. You won’t regret it.

Pick some decent entertainment

Your entertainment can partly be defined by your theme (see above) – but it should also be chosen for its quality. Increasingly, business events are choosing to use multiple forms of entertainment for example a wandering artist or magician to entertain individual tables, plus a band or DFJ as the main event The elaborateness and lavishness of your entertainment should be appropriate to the occasion – so for a product launch we’re talking a band or DJ at the most, while for an annual party or awards ceremony you can pull out as many stops as you like. Just give yourself a moment to think about who you’re entertaining and why. The successful event is the one that targets its audience with the entertainment rather than showing off because it can,

Arrange transport for the end of the night

How are your guests getting home? If you aren’t offering accommodation, you might want to think about sorting out taxis to take them home, or at least to their train stations. You’d be surprised how many people fail to attend company parties because they don’t want the hassle of getting from venue to home in the wee small hours: particularly in London, where the Tube stops running around midnight. To be sure your attendance matches your enthusiasm, cover the transport base before you start.

Install a photo booth

A photo booth is a great way to entertain your partygoers – and if you add a celebrity into the mix you’ll get even more fun from the occasion! Because the photos can be printed immediately, there’s a real sense of instant fun: as though the occasion has already proved a hit. It’s like social media updates only right there in your face! Have a look at sayfromage for more information…

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