How To Increase Productivity In The Office With A Refurbishment?

When you look at the money it costs to refurbish your office, you might be disturbed by all the £££ signs, but don’t get put off just yet! Refurbishing the workplace has been proven to increase productivity and attract clients…if you do it right.

Win The Hearts Of Your Staff

Although you have their minds at your disposal, winning their hearts can stop your employees from slipping between your fingers and heading off to work for your competitors. Having fantastic working conditions helps to keep them on-board and increases levels of productivity in the office.

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Simple things like increasing the comfort at desks can make a huge impact on concentration levels. Sure, scrimping on office furniture sounded like a good way to save money, but how much money have you lost in productivity levels? How much time off have your employees taken for back, neck, shoulder, or wrist problems? Up your ergonomics and your staff’s comfort.

During the design process, talk to employees and take on board their comments for making the office a better place to work.

Saving Money

Instead of cheaply refurbishing your workspace, consider saving money in other ways. Greenwashing not only enhances your company’s image, but it will heavily reduce overhead costs. Simple changes, such as switching your light bulbs to more energy efficient models, can make a huge difference. Government grants are available for businesses that want to save energy within the office.

If your building is largely a concrete box, get some natural light into the building with some windows. Staring at an unrelenting wall all day is bad for the staff’s mind-set and negatively affects their concentration levels. It starts to feel more like a prison than a valued office building.

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Getting In The Professionals

A business refurbishment company can take care of all the messy work, as soon as you’ve decided what you want from the project and set a budget. With the help of Workday PSA software, you can easily optimize resource utilization, so the company is impacted very little during the renovation. Make sure you get the landlord’s permission before you begin and that you meet health and safety requirements.

Don’t just sign up with the first refurbishment firm you encounter; get a number of quotes first. Going with the cheapest is not usually the best idea. Always choose reputable companies with glowing reviews.


Take this as an opportunity to jazz up your entrance area. Arguably, this is the most important space in the building. You need to make a great first impression on your customers and clients. It doesn’t need to cost huge amounts of money, but it really needs to look professional, stand-out, and say something valuable about your company.

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A workplace should feel light and spacious, so always consider how best you can utilise storage to declutter the office. Your employees will thank you for it!

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