How to Improve your Cellular Networks?

Cellular networks is the imperative for communication delivery for all mobile subscribers. According to a statistics released in January 2013, International Telecom Union (ITU) reported that almost 86 percent of world population are mobile subscribers based on studies from the year 2001 till 2011. This is an impressive improvement for the numbers of mobile users which are recorded only 15 percent on 2001 and now covers most of the world population.

Despite the increasing number of users, the services offered by telcos are not consistent in most of remote areas where signal interference and drop calls are the matter of the ordinary. This knowledge makes us confused and saddened by the ability and sincerity of the promises made by the telcos to provide the best service to all their customers.

If you are effected with a bad service by your providers, here are tips and tricks to improve your celullar networks that you might want to consider.

DIY Cell Phone Antenna

This video shows an good alternative DIY method to improve your cellular networks reception by building a simple cell phone antenna in just 3 minutes.

Cell Phone Signal Booster

How about this signal booster? Can be easily setup to cover and improve your cellular network for both voice and data your home and office.

Cellular Repeater & Distributed Antenna Systems

Signal booster is not enough? Try this.

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