How to find High Quality Backlinks with SEO Quake?

Also known as inbound links, backlinks are the building blocks of SEO. Backlinks have a direct impact on the traffic and sales of your website. Basically, a website will achieve a higher rank in search engine results if it manages to achieve quality backlinks from PR sites.

Additionally, the easiest way to do so is to comment on as many related blogs as possible. This will allow you to attract your target market directly to your own website, thus resulting in a larger turnover rate. You may also target your backlinks to be in any inner page of a high quality blog that related to your keyword and topic by using specific Google Search command.

How to find High Quality Backlinks with SEO Quake?

How to Find High Quality Backlinks?

This post will help you incorporate high quality Backlinks with SEO Quake. First off, you will require Mozilla Firefox add-on called SEO Quake. This will automatically enlist the PageRank of all pages that appear in the search engine results and will also automatically name them according to their rank to boot.

So basically, here’s how to do it:
1. Install the software SEO Quake on your Mozilla Firefox browser.

2. Go to Google Search Setting, there should be a setting icon on top left. You have to disable Instant Search in order to display 100 result per page.
Turn off Google Instant in Search Setting

3. Adjust your Google Advance Search setting in order to get 100 Results per page.
Show 100 result per page

4. Conduct a search using your target keyword, along with your special commands.
Google Search Command

5. Now employ SEO Quake in order to get the desired results in the descending order of the page rank.

Useful Google Search Command

Find keyword in a specific domain only:
“” “Keyword”

Find all sites with keyword in title:

Find all inner pages contains keyword in a specific site:
“” “Keyword”

Find WordPress blog:
“Keyword” “powered by wordpress”

Find only ExpressionEngine blog:
“Keyword” “Powered By ExpressionEngine”

Find only PHBB forum:
“Powered by phbb” “Keyword”

Find only vBulletin forum:
“Powered by vBulletin” “Keyword”

and so on.. Google for more :p


Thus, the key lies in how you use the search command. Using the search command appropriately, you will be able to a large number of high PageRank inner pages where you can leave your own backlinks with full confidence regarding their effectiveness.

I hope this helps! Enjoy!

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