How To Design Your Own Kitchen Using CAD Software?

Thanks to the overwhelming number of home improvement and interior design shows on television, many of us like to believe that we have our own inner L

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How To Design Your Own Kitchen Using CAD Software?

Thanks to the overwhelming number of home improvement and interior design shows on television, many of us like to believe that we have our own inner Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen just waiting to burst out. As the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, this is often where most efforts are exerted. New worktops, units and colours can make the world of difference and add value to your home. But get it wrong and the results could be disastrous.

The best way to ensure that your homemade plans look as good as possible, is to use CAD software to help you design your kitchen. It lets you see a 3D representation of the finished product and allows you to change any bad decisions before it’s too late.

What is CAD software?

The acronym CAD simply stands for Computer Aided Design, or Computer Aided Drafting. CAD software is used to assist the designer in creating, modifying or analysing a layout and has become an extremely powerful tool in the world of interior and exterior design.

CAD software can be used to design both two-dimensional and three-dimensional spaces, giving designers and clients a good idea of the results of an intended project.

The software is also useful as it can convey technical information such as materials, tolerances and dimensions, helping a project to progress quickly and efficiently.

Old-fashioned plans can be difficult to understand
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How does CAD software help you to design your kitchen?

There are several advantages of using CAD to help you design your kitchen, the main one being the opportunity to see the finished result before a cupboard has been moved or a paintbrush lifted. Kitchen design has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, giving the homeowner an almost endless number of options to choose from.

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Everything from the material used for the work surfaces to the type of oven you install can have a huge impact on the finished result, and what you think you like initially can look very different when you see it in reality. CAD also gives you the chance to place objects in the space and move them around, so you can make sure there will still be room for all of your kitchen gadgets. You can manoeuvre units and surfaces to ensure that you make the best use of the available space and that everything will fit nicely into the finished kitchen.

Why do it yourself?

Any quick internet search will turn up hundreds of companies who will design your kitchen for you, so why go to all the effort of planning it yourself?

Well, apart from the cost, which will be significantly reduced, using CAD software at home to design your own kitchen gives you the time and space to play around and find out what you really want.

Many people feel under pressure when they sit down with professionals to create a design, or feel like their own ideas will not be good enough. CAD allows you to make mistakes, start again and try something else, all in the comfort of your own home and with plenty of time to think things through

A 3D plan gives a better impression of how the finished result will look
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How do you begin?

The first thing is to thoroughly and accurately measure your kitchen, everything from cupboards and alcoves to windows and surfaces should be taken into account in order to create the most realistic results. The next thing is to find and become familiar with the CAD software. There are websites where 3D CAD software is available to use for free, or you can buy the software and download it onto your computer.

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Once you have the software, simply enter all of you measurements and begin. By designing your kitchen at home, you have plenty of time to make sure every little detail is absolutely perfect. By using CAD there is no reason why your new kitchen can’t be the envy of everyone that visits.

And by designing it yourself, you’ll always be able to take extra pride and satisfaction in stylish and unique result.

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