How To Create A Successful Team Of Telephone Operators

There is no better asset in an outbound call centre than confident telephone operators with effective sales skills, but who also knows how to maximise calls by using time efficiently. After all, a higher frequency of calls increases sales, especially if the employee is apt at developing a rapport with customers and securing their on-going custom. But how does a company acquire efficient and exceptional telephone operators? It involves developing employees, improving systems and focusing on the customer experience. Below are three essential steps to creating efficient telephone operators.

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Develop Operators Communication Skills For Results

Companies that train telephone operators in the fundamentals of effective communication, such as speaking loudly and clearly alongside sales techniques empower them to sell more efficiently. Their telephone operators are confident and more equipped communicate with the customers, thus improving their sales potential.

They are also less likely to ramble or lose control of the conversation, but instead demonstrate a product’s value, efficiently handle objections, and at the same time keep calls short and pertinent so as to quickly move on to the next customer. Meanwhile, the company increases their telephone operators’ satisfaction, which means that they will equally benefit from employee retention as well as a more efficient sales team.

Build Employer’s Brand To Attract The Right People

It is true that well-trained employees sell more effectively. However, an essential step to building an efficient sales team is to attract and recruit the most qualified people in the first instance. Companies that secure employees with experience and exceptional sales skills benefit from increased revenue and reduced employee turnover, as those who fit well achieve targets and are unlikely to leave prematurely. To attract the right people, a company must firstly have a clear idea about itself and the attributes it is looking for in prospective employees. It must explicitly outline the role in vacancy advertisements and the job description.

Then it is essential to advertise on the correct platforms as this not only attracts the right candidates but also establishes the company’s presence or recruiter’s brand in the correct circles. The advantage is that future credible candidates know where to search. The other important element in identifying the most capable people is a rigorous recruitment processes, which will filter out those who merely sell themselves on paper. Companies that invest time in setting up a standardised assessment process, which screens candidates on the competencies relevant to the role, such as communication and initiative benefit from reduced recruitment costs in the long-term.

Use Technology To Improve Systems

By using sophisticated technology like predictive dialing software, companies streamline systems and provide the space for their telephone operators to sell. Predictive dialing software enables employees to be more productive by dialing numbers for them. Its artificial intelligence systems utilise algorithms, which predict optimum times to make calls to sell a company’s particular product.

Plus, its more efficient dialing technology reduces time wasted between calls by systematically dialing numbers and transferring the call automatically to whoever is free to take it. This decreases the time operators spend dialing numbers themselves, while its sophisticated system is also capable of maintaining lists of numbers to avoid calling incorrect numbers. Predictive dialing software is one example of how technology can maximise time for employees to sell.

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