How to choose unique engagement ring

How to Choose Unique Engagement Rings?

Looking for engagement rings? Here are some tips on how choose unique engagement rings?

How to Choose Unique Engagement Rings? An engagement is one of the most important moments of one’s life.

Couples indulge in special preparations to make this day extraordinarily beautiful. There are many stunning and unique engagement rings available in the market which can convey your distinctive love to your partner very well.

Your search for a ring can go smoother if you know what to look for when buying one:

Create a Budget

Before starting your hunt for an engagement ring, set a budget. You must know prior to going out for shopping how much you want to spend on the purchase.

Keeping your budget in mind would allow you to narrow down your search and you can also avoid wasting your precious time.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds are thought to be the perfect choice for engagement rings. You may find many stores that offer a wide range of unique diamond jewelry.

You can even ask the dealer to customize your engagement ring for a personalized look.

You have different options for the setting of the diamond as well. Prong setting is most common or you can choose tension setting if you like. In tension setting, the stone is studded tightly in the center of the ring band.

Similar to prong setting, the light can pass through the stone in this setting too. Bezel setting is uncommon where the precious metal actually cups the diamond. Getting a pave diamond ring can also be a good idea.

In this setting, very small diamonds are encrusted along the band so closely that they seem akin to the surface of a diamond itself. Women find the engagement rings pave very alluring which makes it a good choice.

A distinctive diamond cut can also be an appealing element in your engagement ring. Princess and round are common diamond cuts but you have some other choices as well.

Triangle-shaped trillion diamonds can be your engagement ring’s uniqueness. You can also use different colors in diamond like cognac, chocolate, blue, pink, black, yellow or green.

Alternative Stones

You can also use some other stones for your engagement ring. Pearl or captivating gems can be the alternative for diamond ring.

Moissanite can be a good option as a substitute for diamonds. You can also choose birthstone to be studded in your engagement ring.

Some stones carry special meaning; sapphires signify loyalty, rubies imply passion etc. If you are not looking for a precious stone for engagement ring you can choose to have your ring engraved instead.

Choosing the Right Metal

Mostly engagement rings are made of Platinum or Gold. Gold can be yellow, white and/ or rose and be 18kt, 14kt or 9kt. 18kt Gold in yellow, white or rose are preferred choices for Gold engagement rings though.

Platinum is also used for engagement rings but is quite expensive in comparison to Gold.


Besides the abovementioned, the design of your ring must also be well thought-out. Your design must be eyes appealing, easy and practical to wear.

The ring must also be able to hold its stone securely.

Whether you prefer a traditional or unique engagement ring, the design should reflect your personal tastes. The ring is a family pride and symbol of your love. Good luck!