How to Choose Magazine Subscriptions Online?

Nowadays where the economy is not so encouraging, I can see some situations where there is few difficulty in finding and obtaining a good magazine subscriptions deal in the market. There were times when, several of my favorite magazine only lasted less than two years due to economic recession.

In fact, I think it is very difficult for us to get discounts or free gifts for any magazine subscriptions. I remember one time, the seller gave me a novel as a token of appreciation for my loyalty to subscribe to a magazine in his store. But now, it is all a distant memory.

However, with the internet, my life back alive with the facility to find and subscribe to the magazine online. In fact, it was easier than what I think. There are several interesting points that I want to share with you guys. In this post, we will discuss some tips and tricks on how to find and choose magazine subscriptions online. Enjoy your reading!

Identify your reading niche

My hobby is photography and crafts. So, of course, my reading niche will lead to my interest which is photography and crafts. If you are interested in a specific field, is was advisable for you to subscribe to a magazine that only focused on one speciality. Why? Ok, I will explain.

If you have subscribed to photography magazine, you will not only served with the latest info and event about photography, but you may also be rewarded with free discount coupons, free passes and more goodies!.

Search for Magazine Subscriptions Online

This is one of the favorite part. What you need to do is to type the magazine title or publisher name in current popular search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing and then look for the most relevant result. Recently, there are numbers of great website that provides variety of good online subscription with awesome deals. You can search and subscribe to any magazine subscriptions with just a click.

Why online? Usually, most of online retailers will bundled up their magazine subsciption with limited offer, free gift and great huge discounts! You may get up to 30% discounts when you subscribe online. Plus, you might also be offered with several deals that you might not able to resist. Savings can also be done by searching online subscription that offer free delivery. With this, you can save more by denying the cost of transportation.

I can not see why people do not want to use this convenience to subscribe magazines online. There is nothing more is easier than just sitting in front of the laptop, choose magazines, make payment and wait for the magazines to hit your mailbox on regular basis.

Sign Up as Member

It is highly recommended for you to sign up as member if available. Members are always retailer’s top priorities. You have to take this opportunity to get rewarded for you subscriptions. Save up more and enjoy cheap discounts by being one of the earlist person to get notified about any new future offer.


Personally, I think magazine subscription online is the best solution for all. It can benefit both parties, the readers, supplier and the publishers since the process is very easy and convenient. From selecting magazines, subscription payment and until the magazines reach your mailboxes.

Note: In some country, you can redeem your purchase for yearly tax reduction. So, is it important for you to print out any available receipt for this purpose. For online subscriptions, you will be provided with purchase receipt in Pdf format.

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