How To Choose A Wedding Videographer?

Okay, so you are now decided to get a Wedding Videographer for your wedding, so now you have to face the dilemma of how to choose your wedding videographer.

You already know that wedding videographers don’t come cheap so you have to make sure that you make a good investment in your wedding video and that all rests on choosing who your wedding videographer will be.


Like everything else, research is the first thing that you can do to educate yourself and just like everything else, this is the first thing that you do in order for you to make an informed decision.

You can research in a number of many different ways, going to the internet to look up for Wedding Videographers in London is not the only that you can do. Keep an eye out for wedding expos and conventions these are good places for you to look for a wedding videographer.

Ask Around

If you have recently just gotten engaged chances are your circle of friends are either already married or getting there. Ask your friends for recommendations or referrals. Chances are you are also a guest during their wedding so maybe you would have seen the SDE or Same Day Edit video so you can already be a judge of whether your friends’ wedding videographer is worth considering as your own wedding videographer.

How To Choose A Wedding Videographer?
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Look at a Portfolio

When you go to a wedding videographer website in London, they would have samples of the wedding videos that they already covered uploaded on their website. Go through these videos and try to see if you like their style.

Don’t take a gamble by hiring a wedding videographer with no finished or ready video for you to view.

Look at Testimonials

Aside from the quality of the videos that a Wedding Video company produces, you also have to take time and research on their work ethics. Try to research on customer testimonials, even if you get the best videographer but if they act like rock stars on your wedding day then might as well not get them.

You have to take a look at a Wedding Videographer’s professionalism, are they punctual? Do they have a nice disposition? Remember that these guys will be sticking cameras to your face on your wedding day and they would probably be interacting with you so you would definitely want to get a pleasant Wedding Video team to cover your wedding.

Set A Meeting

After you have decided on a wedding video team that you will be hiring for your wedding day, you have to make sure that you set a meeting with the videographers. This would be the best way to see if you really ‘like’ the video team.

It is also a good way to build initial rapport with them so that on your wedding day, you are already comfortable with having them around.

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