How to Choose the Perfect TV Wall Mount?

You have recently purchased a brand new flat screen TV and what’s next? To consume space, TV wall mounts are absolutely the first choice of consideration and excellent solution. In this post, we will discuss about few tips on how to choose a perfect TV wall mounts for your TV. More after the jump.

TV Wall Mount

Size & Weight

TV size and weight can be considered as one of the most important thing to check before buying a wall mount. You must refer to your TV manual or guidelines to find out few details such as weight and mount size. Please ensure that wall mount will be able to support the weight and size of your TV.

Wall Mount Types

There are several wall mount types to choose based on the flexibility to position your TV. It is important to list down your own requirement based on room spacing, price, colors etc before choosing wall mount type.

Flat mount
If you are looking for a simple and low cost solution, flat mount is the perfect choice. However, there is no option for flexibility since a flat wall mount has no angle adjustments.

Tilt Mount
Tilt mount may give you a little bit of flexibility by providing vertical angle adjustment. With this option, you may manually fix your TV positioning to ensure optimum viewing level.

Tilt / Swivel mount
Tilt / Swivel mount is a smart and best solution for user who seek for full flexibility where it will gives both vertical and horizontal angle adjustment.


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