How to Choose a Domain Name

There are many things individuals who want to register domain names need to know. Although it seems so simple, some very costly mistakes can be made during the domain registration process, such as choosing the wrong name or the wrong extension.

This article is geared towards helping you correctly register the right domain names for your business and avoid common pitfalls.

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1. Check for copyrighted names.

This is very critical for a domain name. It is important that you search the US Copyright Office’s website  for the name you intend to register to check if it has been copyrighted by someone else or not. Registering a domain name containing a copyrighted word can lead to a massive loss when it’s discovered by the copyright owner. In the event that it happens, giving up the domain name will be inescapable.

2. Your name should be your brand name.

If you look at the names of most businesses, both large and small, you will notice that their domain name is always the same as their brand name. The benefit of this is that it helps customers reach your website effortlessly since most people would type “your brand name + .com” if they wanted to visit your website. In addition to that, brand name domains are easier to remember.

3. Choose an SEO-friendly domain name.

SEO-friendly domain names are commonly known as domain names that include one or several keywords your website is or will be optimized for. As regards branding, you can completely ignore your keywords and include only your brand name on account of the fact that nowadays keywords in domain names hold little importance from an SEO perspective relative to their previous importance. You can also combine your brand and keyword if you want.

4. Register a professional domain name.

A professional domain has the following characteristics:

  • Short: Keep your domain name short and simple. Short ones are more memorable and easier to type.
  • Unique: Don’t register a domain name that is identical to your competitors’.
  • Devoid of hyphens: Don’t include hyphens.
  • Devoid of numbers: Avoid including numbers as much as you can.
  • Uses a major extension: Strive to register a .com domain name. If you can’t, consider .net and .org as alternatives. If your business or domain is tailored for or serves a particular country, register a country-specific domain, e.g. .uk, .us, .au.
  • Absence of oddness: Oddness in this case represents unusual words or letters. One example of oddness would be adding an “x” suffix, e.g. (interpreted as, likely registered because wasn’t available). Avoid oddness in your domains.

If your preferred domain name has been taken, come up with something else. Creativity is instrumental to the successful registering of professional domain names.

If you have come up with an ideal domain name that complies with the tips above, the next thing you have to do is register it. You can register a domain separately through domain registrars, or with a hosting package through your web host.

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