How to Check if Your Blog is Optimized for Search Engines?

There are many websites and programs that will check this for you. A simple search engine search will bring any number of these for you to check your blog against. The main thing you are up against is making sure that you know the exact keywords that you are targeting and you have mapped out the what page should target what keywords.

How to Check if Your Blog is Optimized for Search Engines?

It is easy to say you want to target a popular two word phrase that gets over three hundred thousand searches per month, but that’s not the way to do it properly. Instead, if you have a blog about marketing for small business, you should start focusing on four to six word phrases and work your way up. It takes time and experience to pick the right keywords, so the sooner you start the quicker you will learn.

It is not hard to do some keyword research to make your decision on what you would be better of targeting. A simple check on Google’s keyword tool will help you decide and maybe even suggest keywords.

Once you have done this research (it is the step a lot of webmasters miss out!) implement these keywords in the right places in your website and you are half way there – It should be in the titles, subtitles, text and even picture names where possible. This will all point Google in the right direction.

If you want a professional to check for you that your blog is fully optimized then you should be able to find a freelance web developer with SEO knowledge on many popular outsourcing forums. It is relatively inexpensive however if you have done your research and implemented the keywords as suggested then you should have no problem with this at all. If you do go down this route then they should be able to provide a report on what they have seen and what they suggest to change/what they have changed for you.

Of course doing this yourself via an online program is an option. Lots of these let you check basic details for free under their trial versions, of course this isn’t as extensive as their premier/chargeable version but they will give you an idea on how search engine friendly your site is and how to change it.

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