How to buy your first dlsr

How to Buy your First Digital SLR camera?

Ask yourself, if you need a camera with more megapixels or even one with relatively less pixels will do?

So, you are intending to buy a DSLR camera but do not really know what to keep in mind while making such a critical purchase?

Well, purchasing a DSLR camera is an important decision and in case you do not know much about things related to photography, you had better take a glance below at some of the vital questions to ensure you choose a perfect DSLR camera.

Find a Good Reasons for Buying

First off, you need to know the reason you are purchasing a DSLR camera. Ask yourself why and what type of a DSLR you exactly require?

Are you interested in some top-notch kind of a camera that you could take on picnics or you want to try your luck as pro photographer with the help of a DSLR?

How to Buy your First Digital SLR camera?

Now, you need to assess if you need a camera that can meet all the requirements of professional photography or you just need a simple camera for rather nominal price.

Once you know what you exactly need, it will get easier for you to decide the type of camera, best for you.

Features You Require?

A lot of people think megapixels of a camera really make a difference. So in case you are one of them, make sure you take into consideration this important feature of the DSLRs.

Ask yourself, if you need a camera with more megapixels or even one with relatively less pixels will do?

Moreover, you have to question yourself if video feature is something you look for while buying DSLR or not. Video feature is not incorporated in most of the basic level DSLR cameras, so you need to know your requirements and then search for the perfect camera accordingly.

You can also check out the Micro Four Thirds cameras. Photographers, even the most finicky ones, are almost always on a look out for cameras having a potpourri of features but are still lightweight, unlike the age-old traditional cameras.

The Micro Four thirds are a wonderful choice for all of you who intend to buy a good basic level camera. However, the only issue is you can’t have many lens choices with this camera.

How Important a Brand Name is for you?

Buy your First Digital SLR camera

See, if you only want to buy your camera for the purpose it is meant for, there is no real need to fret over brands. You should just check out a number of various cameras and see the features they offer and then choose the one that perfectly meets your requirements.


However, if showing off a little is what you hanker after, of course you may check out the top brands of DSLRs. Well, if you ask my suggestion, I am somewhat a Canon fan. However, there are a number of other wonderful brands available in the market like Nikon, Olympus and Panasonic cameras. Canon and Nikon have the largest number of clientele around the globe.

Nevertheless, the other two brands also have made their mark over time with their Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds cameras. Basically, the type of camera you should buy largely depends upon your requirements and budget. So keep these two things in mind and then go for shopping.