Memory Card Problem

How to Avoid Memory Card Problem?

We take loads of photos whenever we take our beloved camera with us and as soon as we reach home we put the memory card and then…

Pictures have always been a great way to capture memories which can be rekindled anytime later in life.

However, imagine if you have taken magnificent pictures on your graduation ceremony only to recognize later on that the memory card was corrupted and the pictures were not saved at all.

Horrifying indeed, since you can’t go back to your graduation day nor can you take pictures again.

How to Avoid Memory Card Problem?

Nevertheless, to avoid getting into such a situation, take a look at some of the tips which can certainly help you put off a few of the memory card troubles. Lets learn a few basic tips on how to avoid memory card problem.

Buy Good Quality Memory Cards

First of foremost, make sure you buy a high quality and well recognized brand with reasonable price. Do not compromise on quality when it comes to buying a memory card.

If you think the memory cards of known brands are too expensive, you can always check out their sale galas. Never fall for a brand which has no real standing in the market only because it offers memory cards at cheap prices.

This might save you a few bucks initially but may make you lose your precious photos later on.

Avoid Leaving Memory Card in Card Reader For Long

Avoid keeping the memory card in the card reader, when you are not really using the card reader.

We take loads of photos whenever we take our beloved camera with us and as soon as we reach home we put the memory card in the card reader and forget about it.

This means your card is in constant connection with the computer which may harm it. So, make sure you do not let it in the card reader for long.

Always Format It

Make it a habit to format the card every time you are done with transferring photos from your camera to computer.

Although you may delete photos from camera, yet, sometimes files remain inside the memory card which can consequently corrupt the memory card.

Don’t Overload Your Card. A lot of people are tempted to store data in the memory card to the maximum capacity of the card.

This is completely wrong and you need to avoid it at all costs. Take photos, load them on your PC and format the card.

Protect From Extreme Weathers

You need to take extra care of your camera while on outing. Cameras are quite sensitive to extreme weathers, dusty and humid areas.

Therefore, take care of your camera if you want to keep it in a functional form.

Use Two or Extra Cards

You can have more than one card as well. Take both the cards with you on special occasions and use both of them to take pictures so that in case one encounters some issue, you can retain some photos in the other one.

Handle with Care

Always be careful while putting the card into the card reader for transferring photos. Never make a mistake of removing the card from the card reader when it is in the middle of transferring photos.

Also, don’t insert the card or take it out from the camera when it is switched on as these are some of the major causes of corrupting memory cards.


The a fore-mentioned tips are some of the essential things which can help you avoid troubles erupting from memory card issues and will also enable you to use your camera in the perfect condition for years.