How Smart Technology is Changing our Homes for the Better

Technology changes homes and in a lot of ways the most recent significant change was in the 1950s and 1960s with the arrival of mass electrical appliances at affordable prices. This boom brought us items such as fridges, gas cookers, vacuums and the like and was a revolution as it took so much labour out of the home.

The next big change in the home is upon us and it’s based on the world of smart technology. Smart technology offers a whole different way of life for most of us. One of the things that have told us is that many of the smart fittings can be retro-fitted to new devices. So, an original plug socket or light switch purchased from an electrical company can be altered to work with smart tech.  So, let’s take a look at some of the ways it’s currently changing the home.

Smart Home
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Of course, the big focus at the moment is smart homes and their ability to save energy. For example, items such as the NEST thermostat allow you to control the home and its temperature from your phone. It allows for easy monitoring and alteration of temperature and this means that you have complete control, don’t waste energy you don’t need and can prepare your home for your arrival so it’s warm and comfortable before you even get in the door.


Smart home technologies also offer numerous benefits for people who enjoy cooking too. One of the most interesting additions is the induction cooktop. This device only turns on when the cookware comes in touch with the induction cooktop surface and this means that not only is no energy wasted, but also it’s a lot safer as it doesn’t heat up without metal touching the area.

Bath Settings

For a lot of us the bath is a sumptuous place that’s perfect for relaxation and smart homes help greatly with this. Perhaps a number of people share the same bath – each will have different preferences with regards the level of heat, lighting, music and water spray for example. With smart technologies it’s easy to program all of these to your preferences, meaning that when you arrive you can simply press a touch screen and your favourite settings are available.


One of the most common uses for smart technologies is around the area of lighting – in fact, smart technology is right at the centre of lighting at the moment. From smart light bulbs, to whole systems that allow you to control not just whether the lights are on and off, but also how they interact with each other, their tones, colours, dimming and almost anything else you can think of. Lighting is a pivotal part of the home and smart technology is greatly changing and altering it.

The Future

The future is quite simple – smarter technology. Currently, smart technology is to a degree in its infancy. However, in the near future expect to see more integration, lower prices and smart technology that work with each other – so essentially technology that’s linked together and responds to another piece of technologies settings. So, for instance if you turn down the temperature, the windows of your home will open to aid cooling and then close when the temperature hits a pre-set level.

Smart technology is very exciting and something that’s going to change the way we live to some degree and the future too.

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