Hotel Web Design Round Ups: 20 Hotel Websites to Get Inspired!

When the work of your colleagues is the best possible source of inspiration, determining what niche to explore and mine for ideas can be a dilemma. Wh

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When the work of your colleagues is the best possible source of inspiration, determining what niche to explore and mine for ideas can be a dilemma. While there are seemingly endless websites devoted to the many variations of businesses and interests, one niche that often stands above the rest in terms of design quality is the hospitality industry; with big money to spend and hordes of people to entice, hotel websites often present as the absolute cream of the crop!

If you’re looking for a healthy dose of design ideas, check out these 20 hotel websites to get inspired:

1. Villa Bianca Hotel Italy

Dark colors and beautiful photography make an instant impression when visiting the Villa Bianca Hotel website.

2. Little Palm Island Resort

An attractive semi-transparent background beautifully combines imagery and information at this hotel website.

3. Beverly Hills Hotel

Well-used Adobe Flash effects dominate the website of the Beverly Hills Hotel.

4. NYLO Hotels

Beautiful textures are used alongside Flash effects and excellent usability features to set the website of NYLO Hotels above the rest.

5. Trapp Family Lodge

Fun, functional and beautiful are all words that can be used to describe the Trapp Family Lodge website.

6. Palms Casino Resort

The Palms Casino Resort website does an excellent job of making the visitor wish almost instantly that they were there with the use of fantastic photography.

7. The Kalhala Resort

Going for a light and airy look, the Kalhala Resort website offers an aura of light winds and sunny beaches for maximum effect.

8. Snowy Mountains Resort

A fun, colorful design prompts visitors to the Snowy Mountain Resort website to look towards enjoyable seasonal activities.

9. Plaza Athene Hotel Paris

Offering a unique design style for each of its individual hotels, the Plaza Athene Hotel website boasts beautiful styling and intuitive navigation.

10. Sofitel Hotels

Exuding an air of absolute luxury, the Sofitel Hotels website makes excellent use of a dark color palette

11. Hotel Paradiso

A soft blue color scheme and great use of fun photos offer visitors to the Hotel Paradiso website an instant reason to crave fun in the water!

12. Lanyon Holiday Cottages

Given its uniquely beautiful premises, the Lanyon Holiday Cottages website uses photography as its main design point with simple website functions built around that aspect.

13. Marriott Hotels and Resorts

The well-known Marriott chain of hotels does a great job of keeping their website design simple, yet informative.

14. Peninsula Hotel Kong Kong

Dark colors and luxurious photos depict what this five-star hotel has to offer at a glance.

15. West City Hotel

The Romanian Best Western website offers a simple design chalk-full of useful navigation features, giving visitors one-click access to every imaginable piece of information.

16. Atlantis: The Palm in Dubai

Colorful imagery helps this website highlight particular events and offerings, guiding potential customers towards individual interests.

17. The Porches Inn

A soft color palette allows The Porches Inn website to focus nicely on the content it offers.

18. Sanderson London

A unique use of imagery dominates this design, giving each and every visitor a taste of the luxuries to be offered when they travel and find hotels in London.

19. Alpine Meadows Ski Resort

This snowy-themed website works to entice via great photography and navigation placement.

20. Christopher Harbor

Beautifully enticing imagery is the focus at this simple but attractive website.

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