Hide Your Facebook Habit with a Spreadsheet

You are in your office now and want to give full attention to work but Facebook is something that your mind runs back to constantly. What to do now? Well, you need not worry anymore with the creation of web related software, Excellbook, you can put all such worries aside. Thanks to the people at Diesel. This web based application changes any social networking site into a spreadsheet. This won’t give anyone a clue regarding what exactly you are doing unless of course looked into keenly.

So by visiting the site suitably named “be stupid at work”, the link for the download of the application can be clicked and hence the application could be downloaded for free for PC and Mac computers. After installing the application, select the “File” option at the top of the window that appears and then sign in to your account. Now the posts, news feeds, and other notifications would be displayed in a spreadsheet style window. Also through this application you can update your status plus the chat option can also be availed and you can do all this without making your boss suspicious.

Facebook ExcellBook

The only problem lies in the fact that if your firm does not allow the access to Facebook itself then the application is nearly of no use, as to use the application one must first be logged in by using the internet. But in case there is no restriction in using internet, then this application is very useful to remain in touch with your close aids in a more secretive way.

Update: BeStupidAtWork.com is currently offline

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