Google Page Rank Update January 2011

Check your Google Page Rank now! It was confirmed that Google have been updating Page Rank since 20 January 2011 and this is the first Page Rank update for this year.

Google Page Rank Update January 2011

When and how often Google Page Rank Update?

It is quite unsafe to claim how many times a year Google update Page Rank since there is no confirmation from Google itself but the last confirmed large update was in April of 2010 and the Page Rank values have finally been changed and updated by Google in January 2011 – nine months later. Usually making a PR update twice a year, Google has probably been overly consumed in promoting and producing Android and Chrome OS while also updating their own systems pertaining to AdSense, Analytics, etc.

Google Page Rank Update in 20th January 2011?

Google Page Rank Update January 2011

Now, most websites will see significantly improvement and an increase in Google PR, which is something that many webmasters and SEO experts will be ecstatic about as they take pride in their Google PR status. The specific Google update has been said to have started on January 20 and you can expect the update to last several days for Google to capture and update all sites on the web. There has been no official confirmation by Google, but we can expect one once the update is 100% complete.

What is Google Page Rank?

For those of you unfamiliar with the Page Rank term, which is also commonly seen and referred to as PR for short, each website is given a ranking between 0 and 10. The higher ranking you have the more reputable your site. For example, a site with PR7 is better than a site with PR5. If you have a new website, you will likely see that your site has a PR0. By continuing to support and maintain your website, you should see improvement in PR status in Google when the next update comes along, which is hopefully in a three to four months rather than nine months.

If you haven’t seen a change in your PR status, keep checking back as some sort of change should be seen in the coming days. Most websites reporting a change, have stated at least a PR1 increase, meaning a website going from PR5 to PR6.

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