Google Glass: Fad or Future?

In case you haven't heard the rumours surrounding Google's latest project 'Google Glass' then here is a guide to what exactly it is, how it works and

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Google Glass: Fad or Future?

In case you haven’t heard the rumours surrounding Google’s latest project ‘Google Glass’ then here is a guide to what exactly it is, how it works and when it’s likely to be available to buy. As well as that we’ll take a look at the implications of this new technology and what it means for marketing and the world of SEO in general.

With all the information at your disposal I’ll let you decide whether Google Glass will be a passing fad or whether it will shape the future. So let’s take a look at what it’s all about.

What is Google Glass?

Google Glass

Well basically it’s like a pair of glasses that turns the whole world into an online experience. You will be able to look at any object, say a passing car and automatically you will have access to all the information you want about it, where to buy it, sites that sell it etc. just like a regular internet search but all the information will be before your eyes in the real world. Well I say before your eyes it’s said that the information will be just above your eye line meaning that you’ll need to look up slightly to access it.

Not only will it provide information and advertising for items that you see but it also acts like a communication device much like your smartphone in that you can send messages, create hangouts, exchange information, use Google maps etc. The basic idea is to turn the world in front of you into a computer screen/mobile device/tablet but that brings with it some issues.

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Is Google Glass safe?

Google Glass

The obvious question that springs to mind is whether a device that you need to look upwards to access is going to be safe in everyday life? Many people will want to use their Google Glasses when walking down crowded streets or when driving and so the hazards are obvious. Another controversial feature is the sound, there are no headphones and instead the sound is vibrated through the skull in what is known as ‘bone induction’. There aren’t thought to be any health risks with this method but it does raise questions about how high the sound quality would be.

How Google Glass will affect us?

Google Glass

Detractors would probably say that this is just the latest development from Google in their bid to turn everything we see and do into an advertising opportunity and to an extent that’s true. You’re going to have adverts in front of your eyes; everywhere you look encouraging you to be a consumer. Advocates would argue that to avoid that all you have to do is remove the glasses or not buy the product if you don’t like the thought of being exposed to advertisements more than you already are.

Then there’s the question of privacy that it brings up. It’s suggested that these devices will be recording not only everything you say in your messages and communications but also everything that you see and everywhere you go. Again it could be argued that you don’t need to live your while life with the glasses on which should avoid giving up total privacy.

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Google Glass

In terms of SEO and online marketing it’s clear that some kind of impact should be expected as there will be so many more opportunities for content marketing. Imagine all of the things we set our sights on during the day, restaurants where we could be given details of menus and specials, movie posters where we can see all the DVD offers of the leading actors, cinema times etc. A pair of shoes on a passer-by where we can find out where they’re from, what sizes they come in and how much they cost. The possibilities seem endless and pretty mind blowing to consider.

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