Google Gay Rainbow

Google is putting up a rainbow picture above the search results associated with gays and lesbians in veneration of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) month. Like, if you insert words for example, gay, homosexual, LGBT etc. in the search bar, you will be seeing an emblematic gay figure above the search button.

Google has been seen backing its LGBT employees in a number of ways for quite a long period, starting with the co-founder Sergey Brin’s open resistance to the Proposition 8 which is a legal clause that elaborates marriage as a unification of man and woman. Google, previous year has also assisted the homosexuals residing in United States in the health insurance matters that consequently counterbalanced the related tax load. Moreover, large number of people also took part in Google’s Gay Pride parades during that month.

Google Gay Rainbow

Google’s Gay Pride

Google has taken an active role in backing the YouTube video that favored the national anti-gay bullying efforts by providing its own employees’ related stories. Moreover, you will also find Google designing t-shirts with two green Android robots waving gay pride flag, in an effort to support Gay community. Plus, it contributed around $50,000 to the Trevor Project as well.

Google publicly announced its backing for gay marriage in 2009 and a few months later Apple also contributed about $100,000 for the same purpose. Google normally celebrates significant events via the Google doodles. Some of the latest ones were for musician Les Paul, dancer/choreographer Martha Graham and then the latest lunar eclipse. However, Google was caught in criticism for a father’s day image which prompted the Gmail users to “call dad”.

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