Google AdWords Business Credit Card

Google Inc. now offers its customers with a credit line in an attempt to improve its business facing more heat in internet ad market as competition increases, with its latest Google Credit Card scheme for the clients who advertise. The company is providing this card to a few specific customers in U.S., offering them an opportunity to gain from a low interest rate, an abundant credit line and without any annual payment. The drawback of the credit card is that it is usable to acquire search advertising on Google Inc. alone.

Google Credit Card

Although, it is a regular strategy adopted by hardware manufacturers like IBM Corp., this is the first time Google is entering the market with its Adwords Business credit card, which allows clients to pay out more for search ads, whenever required.

According to the Vice President of global online sale at Google, Claire Johnson, the Adwords Business credit card has been built to assist SMB’s publicizing themselves on Google, but frequently faces a problem of dwindling funds in order to continue with the expensive advertising strategy during the sales seasons, such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

At first the credit card will be available to only a few “Beta” testers, after which Google Inc. will send email invitations to a group of select clients to acquire the credit card.

Google’s Adwords Business credit card is a MasterCard, which will be issued by the World Financial Capital Bank. Google has stated that its 8 Percent annual rate is the continuing rate, not just an introductory rate.

Google has chosen to maintain a low profile regarding details, such as the minimum and maximum limit of the credit cards, which according to Google Inc., will differ based on the cardholder. It has also not been disclosed how many people will be provided with this fine opportunity of owning the credit card.

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