Give Your Startup Business a Boost with Open Cloud

Life as a tech startup can be quite tricky. It goes without saying that there are plenty of obstacles that larger, more established organizations won’t have to face. Without going into the full details of the administrative and financial stress associated with running a startup, it is hard work getting off the ground, and then to maintain forward momentum.

Thankfully, there is help at hand. To help ease your troubles of hosting your tech product, cloud computing has become an essential part of the startup makeup. It is an ideal combination that allows startups to run lower costs, but still have the ability to get more support and bandwidth as and when it’s required. In particular, Rackspace’s Open Cloud platform offers an almost perfect solution for any tech startup, and below are a few reasons why.

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Open Cloud is an open source platform. The community involved in making Open Cloud what it is, is vibrant and supportive of each of its members. It is a dynamic environment that can help to facilitate the growth required by startups to make them better. Open source projects have a long history of being linked to startup success, so it is no wonder that they are naturally drawn to this. As with all good open source projects, Open Cloud offers flexibility, freedom, choice and customization.

There’s no need to worry about being locked into one vendor for a defined period of time. It just doesn’t work like that for startups, and you’ll find a kindred spirit in Open Cloud. If your product needs to suddenly pivot, you can do so easily, and if that means moving away from Rackspace, so be it. This means that you get full scalability if you need to grow, but aren’t held back if you need to change. With the unpredictable nature of startup life, it’s a good thing that you have these options.

I’ve mentioned that cloud computing can take a load off your hands and mind, and Open Cloud is no different. In fact, it might even be better. With Rackspace’s famed customer support behind it, all of the cloud hosting stuff kind of just happens without needing your input. This means that you don’t need to have the nagging worry about maintaining the technical side of things, leaving you to focus your efforts on other stuff that matter, such as developing your business. If you ever need to get involved with the nuts and bolts stuff, you can do so by leaning on the support team and they’ll act as an extension of your tech team.

An additional benefit of working with Rackspace is that they’ve been where you are right now. They launched in 1998 as a startup company and have been very keen on maintaining their startup mentality even through their growth until now. From their own perspective, they want to help other startup companies thrive in the same way that they did. With this level of understanding, they are in a good position to help your startup via Open Cloud.

So, if you’re running a tech startup and you want to be part of a community where there is plenty of support, and you want the hands-on stuff taken care of, allowing you to work on other things, then you will want to consider Rackspace’s Open Cloud. There’s almost no reason not to, as their cloud products are low cost, but come with great customer service support. The technology and equipment that they have at their disposal is top class too, and your product would proudly be hosted on it. For me, it all adds up to an idyllic situation where your startup is working in harmony with Open Cloud.

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