Getting the Most From Your Workforce

It doesn’t matter if you have staff totaling ten, one hundred or one thousand; they are the lifeblood of your company and without them you wouldn’t be making the money you are today. You could be a small startup business or an established multi-national corporation, without employees you wouldn’t be doing what you’re doing today.

As a result you need to ensure that they’re kept as happy as possible, with morale key to getting the best out of your staff members. They might be in a great frame of mind while working on a new project that presents them with different challenges, but if they’re working on something they’ve been doing for months it’s natural that they might have a dip in morale and it’s your job as a business owner, manager or just a department head to help get them back into that positive frame of mind.

Getting the Most From Your Workforce
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To encourage your team to produce their best work and to meet the company’s long term goals, you need to establish just what you want from your employees, challenging them to achieve these targets and rewarding them when they do so. For example, if you’re working in a manufacturing industry such as making new cars, challenge them to make 100 models each day rather than 90.

Before placing too much pressure on your team to meet these requirements, consider whether or not it is actually possible given their skills and the resources available. If you have them working irregular shift patterns to meet deadlines or coming in on their days off, working overtime or other extra bits of work get thrown into the mix, then they might start to feel overworked and stressed which will imply that the targets are unrealistic.

You should also ensure that the structure of the team promotes teamwork and ‘banter.’ If you have separate teams within the team, make sure they’re well mixed with people who will not only get along but get the job done too. Banter is great for the workplace, but if the production of the work is compromised you may have to consider restructuring the team. However, you’ll need to think this through as the team may be concerned as to why they’re being split up – they’re not naughty school children!

Where possible, offering extra training or social gatherings can be great for the workplace as a whole. Going for meals or post-work drinks on a Friday is a great way to unwind after the week and let’s people get more acquainted outside the workplace and they can bring that friendship into work again on Monday. Offering training can help people to develop their own skills, and when the course is over they’ll be revitalized and desperate to show off their new skills.

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