Garden Renovation Ideas

If your garden is overgrown and looking in a bit of a sorry state, you might be thinking now that we are in the summer months, it’s the perfect time to get out there and do something about it. Continue reading on for some suggestions on what you can add to your garden to make it more presentable and create a relaxing place where you can spend time enjoying the summer sunshine.

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Grass and Plants

First and foremost when renovating your garden you will of course have to make it clear and ready for any new additions you might be adding in. You may for example need to clear any weeds or any unwanted plants from the garden to give you the space to get started. Once you have cleared all of the weeds you can focus on tidying the main body of the garden. This can vary from garden to garden but this guide will assume you have a large amount of grass in your garden. You can start by making sure this is mowed which should immediately help your garden look better with very little effort. Once you have done these things you should have a great template to work from now that your garden is clear of any unwanted plants.

Water Features

If you think your garden is lacking a distinct focal point, you may want to consider a water feature. This can be anything from a small bird bath or fountain, to a large pond. This is of course entirely dependent on your budget and how much space you have to utilise. For smaller gardens you will benefit from a small bird bath, they take up very little space and will help to attract birds of all kinds to your garden, which is great if you are a wildlife lover.

For larger gardens or people looking to spend more on a feature, there are larger water fountains. These come in a wide range of designs and sizes and there is surely something for every type of garden.  If your budget allows it you can consider installing a pond into your garden. This gives you the option to potentially support fish or can simply be a nice focal point for the garden.


Paving is a great way to create a long lasting surface for footpaths or paved areas. There are a variety of designs and colours allowing you to choose the style that suits your garden. Paving is very low maintenance making for an easy to maintain addition to your garden. Paving is a great way to create a safe path for your garden or simply pave off a particular area that may have been overgrown with weeds for example and turning it into a usable space for seating or a wide range of garden items.


If you are looking for a nice place to sit or even a space designed for a table and chairs, decking can be a great addition. Decking gives you the benefits of almost having an outdoor room. You can easily have a dining table outside with comfortable seating for those summer evenings outdoors. Many people like the aesthetic appeal of decking and can be perfect when you are trying to easily convert areas of the garden that would otherwise be unusable into improved spaces.

Garden Benches

Garden benches can be a great addition to almost any garden. They range from sturdy metal benches to wooden types such as the popular Couples bench or the classic wooden benches. It is recommended that you choose a bench made from Teak for the most durable and long lasting material around. 


Lighting is often overlooked when creating a garden. Not only can garden lights make a great statement in any garden, making for a relaxing space in the evening. Not only will garden lighting improve the atmosphere of your garden but it also improves the safety and security. By having garden lighting at night makes for easy navigation for those late nights out in the garden. While you’re indoors it also doubles as a deterrent for any unwanted visitors. This lighting typically comes with solar timers on them allowing them to automatically turn on once it gets dark leaving you to enjoy your garden without having to worry about turning on the lighting in the dark. 

That concludes this guide to garden renovation. This has hopefully given you a few ideas to start you off, which should get you closer to the perfect summer garden. 

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