(Freebies) Simple Leather Business Card PSD

In this post, I will share with all of you a simple Leather business card psd which I have designed end of December last year. Feel free to download this psd file and stay tune for more freebies. Business cards are must-carry ‘mini resumes’ which can help you in grabbing the attention of potential clients. These cards are practical and inexpensive tools which will help you introduce your business to other corporate entities. This makes them dispensible in promoting your business.

Simple Leather Business Card PSD

Your business card doesn’t necessarily have to be metallic or transparent; a simple card with a good color combination or a nice theme will be just as good. You can go with basic colors, but incorporating dynamic ones can leave a stronger impression. It is always a good idea to incorporate your logo in the card to make a good mpression. Also, borrowing ideas from sample business cards can help you come up with a creative one of your own.

Business Card PSD

However, this doesn’t mean you should take your business card for granted. In fact, it should be a perfect reflection of your ompany. Designing a simple card for your company can be difficult though; if the card doesn’t represent your company accurately, it can leave a negative impression on your clients. Thus, always make sure the card comes along with your advertisements and portrays what you`re capable of doing as well. Doing so can mean a higher turnover rate for your business.

Download Simple Leather Business Card PSD

Leather texture credit to Mytherea

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