Superhero Papercraft

(Freebies) Download 10 Creative Superhero Paper Models Craft by CubeeCraft

If you are superhero fans. Here are 10 of my favourite Superhero Papercraft Model by CubeeCraft . Just click or save as image to download the paper model craft.

CubeeCraft Superhero Papercraft was really fun! And I became very excited when I saw all creative and awesome paper model templates by Cubeecraft (Cubee pronounced as “kyoob-ee”)

Each unique paper models was created to be printed on standard 8 1/2 x 11 A4 letter paper. You just need to download your favorite models, print to a piece of paper, cut and starts folding your model.

In this post, I have chosen my top 10 superhero paper models and I really hope that these super guys are your favorite too. Just click or save as image to download the paper model craft.

1. Wolverine

Wolverine is my all time favourite superhero. Even though this is a cute version of superhero papercraft model, Wolverine still looks so awesome.

Creative Superhero Paper Models - Wolverine
Download Wolverine Paper Model

2. Superman

Anyone prefer Superman as their superhero?

Creative Superhero Paper Models - Superman
Download Superman Paper Model

3. Spiderman

I can say that Spiderman do looks really nice in this version of superhero papercraft model.

Creative Superhero Paper Models - Spiderman
Download Spiderman Paper Model

4. Daredevil

Daredevil looks handsome as well. Maybe because of the bright red color.

Creative Superhero Paper Models - Daredevil
Download Daredevil Paper Model

5. Hellboy

Honestly, I did not really enjoy Hellboy. How about you?

Creative Superhero Paper Models - Hellboy
Download Hellboy Paper Model

6. Ultra Seven

Yes. Ultraman Seven is here as well.

Creative Superhero Paper Models - Ultra Seven
Download Ultra Seven Paper Model

7. Iron Man

Tony wuz here. I believe there a lot of Ironman fans

Creative Superhero Paper Models - Iron Man
Download Iron Man Paper Model

8. Batman

Yay..oldskool Batman version which I like the most.

Creative Superhero Paper Models - Batman
Download Batman Paper Model

9. Robin

You have to download and do Robin as well once you finish doing Batman. This pair looks good together.

Creative Superhero Paper Models - Robin
Download Robin Paper Model

10. Astro Boy

Astro Boy? Maybe next time.
Creative Superhero Paper Models - Astro Boy
Download Astro Boy Paper Model


Here are one great tips to do papercraft models. You will need a very good and fast glue to ensure that the paper sticks well.

All paper model templates was credited to Cubeecraft and please consider some donation as an appreciation for their wonderful works. Enjoy crafting!

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